Magickal mustika pearls/bezoar stones next to their innate mystic quality and oblige are inspirational items that raise the auric and spiritual atmospherical aspect of shrines and altars. They pull to themselves holy intelligences and beneficent cosmic rays that bless the conjugal. With the beingness of these magickal pearls, shrines and altars are not fair easy unnameable places in the home, they are changed into power-spots that the buff can want place of safety for empowerment, incentive and restoration at all levels.

As they include pranic energies, natural object and geology forces accumulated and formed by biological-systems (animals, shrubbery) and etheric beings/environmental events, mustika pearls-whether in a microcrystalline or milky form-the base camp wherever they are installed becomes a superior absorption for holy planetary and natural object beings, not to try out buoyant "nature-spirits." Magickal mustika pearls are friendly tools and they stand for the cintamani-the wish-fulfilling rock in the esoteric aspects of Buddhism.

Snake and firedrake pearls in particular, are the treasures of the Naga beings, the Draconic Lords-the preservers of the dharma and mysterious belief of the Ages. To rephrasing a biblical text, when two or more pearls are gathered unneurotic for a solid mystic objective, location the ultimate mind will start off a focussing and constitute or re-appoint sacred guardians to manage their saving and their mellow radiations all completed the holiday camp of their installation, even extending their control to miles on all sides. The geological protector of the pearls inwardly shrines dramatic play an substantial role in this magic mission-it goes on the far side in need the straightforward committal of crystals in a lattice-grid say the world. The many an types of mustika pearls and their essential colors persuade stronger manifestations of the 12 Cosmic Rays directed to planetary-streams by the Solar Logos-in a shrine, they are of necessary importance.

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Altars, wherever magickal formal and shamanic industrial plant are conducted, can be compelling when increased with the presences of mustika pearls. They lend a hand the non-christian priest and magickal worker to attune, tap and accession philosophy forces causative to roaring pattern employment and faith celebrations.

The pattern and placement of the pearls on an communion table/shrine may stalk any sympathetic shape that Nature has created, whether it is laid at the points of a placoid geometric shape, such as as the 4 points of a square, the points of a triangle, pentagon, etc. Complex designs may be working specified as the past "Flower-of-Life," privileged designs of magickal sigils, and even the constellations such as as the Pleiades, Andromeda and others-the dense designs are certainly more omnipotent. Every logo has its own fussy powerfulness and obligate and corresponds to celestial and cosmic realities and magic intelligences of which they raise into the geographical ball. Magickal mustika pearls may be laid-out in a arrangement as in the preceding or situated in a superior "treasure-vase" which is consequently installed in a conspicuous position on one's house of prayer.

Shrines can be of any tradition, whether it be Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, New Age, Pagan, etc-magickal pearls will heighten shrines of any belief-system. Magickal mustika pearls, whether they are gem-like or opaque, may be severally meditated beside to adjust to numinous intelligences and to one's superior state of mind. Many icons and statues of the old Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms of the land mass of Java variety deities, kings and friendly practitioners retaining these mystical, mustika pearls in their keeping as tools of strength.

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Mustika pearls in a house of prayer punctuate and enlarge the energies of the intuition as it radiates out to spirit in pious sessions of supplication. As incense-smoke is believed to transferral prayers to the gods, the congregate and united dominion of magickal pearls in a place of worship assists in the construction of the figure of one's prayer at metaphysical levels so that it acquires a clear, distinct, and effective account smoothly intercepted and registered in the consciousness of the spiritual, lightless recruits of the Cosmos. The more strength a house of god possesses, the more potent it becomes as a battlement of act betwixt the difficult and less planes, concerning the state of mind of a life-stream and that of its maestro. The vibrational-frequency of one's matrimonial is raised beside a mustika-shrine, and negative-energies that are magnets and sources for catastrophic teething troubles and occurrences in one's house are neutral.

Below we existing whatever examples of shrines enhanced with mustikas happiness to a infallible magic Buddhist sponsor and follower. Their concerted quality with dedicated spiritual icons can promptly be sensed. The premier image shows diverse types of magickal mustika pearls in a house of worship unswerving to the Buddha. The second ikon is a exceptional house of worship holy to the Naga Tantric Lords-the pearls in the house of worship are firedrake pearls and crowns. The photos are displayed near the benignant permission of their proprietor.

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