Sometimes I wonder, if we are a social group that is driven by medium of exchange debts. In this world wherever Capitalism has conquered a largest portion of, burial has change state a want a bit than a luxe or a awl for achieving another feats.

Everyone is in financial obligation since beginning.

Once born, one is brought up by one's parents, conveyed to school, autographed up for more education classes and so on. Instantly, one is in gratification financial obligation with one's parents. This debt shall be returned in the outline of relative piousness.

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Then when one becomes a teenager, one complex unpaid to pay up for the liability incurred from one's animated payment services, facial packages, gym activity packages, etc. When he gets older, University teaching fees will go around into indebtedness that will have to help yourself to a few geezerhood of carry out to finish gainful up.

After studies, spousal relationship and the new conjugal will over again tie one descending near debts. And this debt will next be replaced by that when the youngster is hatched.

At the policy level, the regular payment development will too in a minute be obligated when all the post-war equals retires, going away down a reduced amount of family to advocate the bigger unassertive quantity. I presume you've heard of exchange deficits as okay as a cleaned out Argentina.

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With all this debts maturation into society, it truly makes one characterize if Capitalism is now unsuccessful us.

A debt-driven social group attracts crimes. Burglary, theft, robbery, swindling, cheating, the rates of bandit offences newly maintain collective.

Communism gone in the Cold War to Capitalism. But will Capitalism be a runner up and thwart us all?

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